The Montgomery Story

Montgomery Acres was named to honour the Montgomery family, who cultivated the land and enriched Maple Ridge in its early years with their hospitality. This home site marks the original location of the Montgomery Farm from 1948 until 2011 when it was sold to Epic Homes.

While Anne Montgomery was known for her homemade pies and delicious jams, her husband Joe built a strong reputation for volunteering his time to improve local parks and services. For the next generation of Montgomery’s, there’s much satisfaction to see their family legacy recognized.

“We wish to thank Epic Homes for the honour of having our Montgomery name on the land which was our family farm for 63 years,” says Joanne Montgomery, one of three children raised on the property. “Our family has shared much love, joy and happiness on this land, and it is our sincere hope that all who live here will experience that also.”

Lillian Montgomery adds, “I am pleased that Epic Homes will care for the land in the future as our family moves on to pursue other adventures. Our memories of “The Farm as Home” are forever buried within our hearts.”

Epic Homes is pleased to build on the Montgomery legacy. We believe that the design and details of a community shape the lives of those who live within it. Whatever your stage in life — single, newly married, a family with or without children — you’re entitled to a home that inspires you to live your best life!

About the Montgomery family

The Montgomery Farm has always been surrounded by beauty, which was further enhanced by the family’s love of gardening. White and purple lilacs, pink and red roses, baby’s breath, orange blossoms and rhododendrons were just some of the pretty plants growing around the property.

The long driveway on the Montgomery Farm helped create many happy memories, including learning how to drive, and riding down the hill fast on bicycles and horses. It led the family out into the world for great adventures and happily brought them home again.
The rolling pastures, trees, two-storey farmhouse, outbuildings and gardens of the Montgomery Farm painted a picturesque and peaceful setting for many happy family memories.

Vegetables and flowers weren’t the only things that grew on the Montgomery Farm – the family planted many trees over the years, including Lombardy poplars, cedars, chestnut trees, holly trees and filbert nut trees. The Montgomerys enjoyed watching the seedlings grow into giants, finding shade under their branches and sampling their produce, including delicious filberts (also known as hazelnuts).

Several horses lived on the Montgomery Farm over the years, starting with Babe the workhorse, who helped pull the plow, cultivate the land and transport logs from the back of the property for heating and cooking in the farmhouse. The children also enjoyed riding horses on the farm, especially back and forth down the long driveway.

In the early days, Mr. Montgomery used a scythe to mow the hay from the fields on the farm. The whole family would help pitch and dry the hay and trample it down flat for transportation and storage in the barn.